vai manta-ray

The graceful vai come floating by, using their wings, see how they fly

Although I grow very large and look big, I only eat plankton; tiny plants and animals that float through the water. If you see me swimming with my mouth wide open, I maybe eating my dinner so please stay out of my path.


Vonu taku turtle

Out beyond the deep blue sea, The waves are higher than you & me
All the vonu, swimming so free, Peaceful & calm, much slower than me

In Fiji, I am lucky enough to be protected by law, no-one is allowed to catch or eat me.
As a baby I am as small as a coin but I can grow as big as a table! I can swim in the water and walk on the sand, if you find me crawling up the beach I may be searching for a safe place to lay my eggs. I am very slow moving so please don’t bother me, just quietly watch me walk by.

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